I Write Artist Statements

Liz Sales

Trade Paper 5 1⁄2 x 8 In. / 200 pages
ISBN 9781942084525
List Price: US $14.95

This delightful little paperback consists of humorously inventive fictionalized artist statements. The recent explosion of interest in academic art programs around the world has led to a dramatic increase in overwritten, hyperbolic artist statements. I Write Artist Statements skewers popular art school clichés while describing impossible projects that simply could not exist off of the printed page.

Written by Liz Sales
Contributions by Matthew Carson 

Liz Sales is an artist, writer, and educator. Her work deals primarily with the relationship between photography and perception. She is a faculty member at the International Center of Photography and writes for photo-based art magazines, including Conveyor Magazine and Foam Magazine. Sales lives and works in New York City.