Home Sweet Home

Rubi Lebovitch

Trade Paper, 11 X 12 In. / 112 Pages / 40 Color 
ISBN 9781942084136 
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"...Lebovitch photographs everyday household items and domestic situations with a certain sense of humor and uncanniness.",
- Time Lightbox, April 29, 2016

"Rubi Lebovitch is an Israeli photographer with an eye for the futile, perverse and blackly comic in everyday domestic life.",
- The Guardian, March 28, 2016

"...a humorous yet obscure invitation to question our own strange behaviors and secrets kept safe behind the doors of the place we call home.",
- Musee Magazine, May 26, 2016

Photographs by Rubi Lebovitch
Contributions by Eran Bar - Gil and Crista Dix 

 Rubi Lebovitch is an Israeli artist whose photographs deal with domestic scenes characterized by mystery, vagueness, and absurdity. His photographs show scenes inscrutable to viewers and difficult to identify: their relationship with the world around them seems senseless. The restlessness that characterizes his work is connected to Freud's concept of the Uncanny, which locates the origins of horror in the homely and familiar. The scenes depicted in these photographs emphasize what usually remains hidden: the repressed, which cannot be described. The anxiety these scenes arouse undermines the peacefulness and security usually associated with home. 

Essays by Eran Bar-Gil and Crista Dix.