Postcards Home

Henry Jacobson

Hardcover, 7 X 11 In. / 96 Pages / 64 Color 
ISBN 9780988983106 
List Price: $39.95 

“Though nearly everyone owns the technology to create images like those in the monograph, Jacobson’s work stands out for its abstract aspects.”,
- Interview Magazine, October 31, 2013

Also featured by: The New Yorker, The New York Times Lens Blog

Photographs by Henry Jacobson
Text by Stephen Mayes 

This monograph is the result of three years that photographer Henry Jacobson spent living on the road, shooting film around the world. This nomadic phase allowed for only limited access to those Jacobson held dear, and the varied array of subject matter found in Postcards Home is consequently a record of a period of personal upheaval; of the endings and beginnings of very important relationships; of illnesses and deaths and births. All of the works in this book were taken with an iPhone, and most were immediately sent to someone Jacobson cared about, or were shared within his broader social network. This synergy of photography and communication was facilitated by mobile technology, a development that is transforming society’s understanding of the medium of photography from a frozen moment to a visual interaction between individuals, making this collection important both from a personal and historical perspective.

Featured in Interview Magazine and Time.