Pilar Vergara

Paper over board 10 x 8 In. / 96 pages / 84 photo pages and 40 interview pages
ISBN 9781942084495
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“Each image offers a moment of silent repose, to gaze upon the visage of one woman after another as they share a private moment with Vergara, one that often feels all guards have been let down and each subject simply is.”,
- Feature Shoot, July 2018

“Vergara de-sensationalizes these women by removing artifice in favor of sincerity.”,
- Photographer's Forum, Fall 2018

“Female increases the awareness around the complexities of gender identity and expression.”,
- Musee Magazine, May 24, 2018

Also featured by NBC News

Photographs by Pilar Vergara

Female strives to capture transgender women without artificial studio lighting or the irrelevance of color. While trans people are often sensationalized in the media, Pilar Vergara set out to quietly capture their individuality through intimate portraits.

Pilar Vergara, originally from Chile, has a long background in human rights photography. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, the Associated Press, and Reuters, among other outlets.