Done Doing Time

Hinda Schuman

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ISBN-13: 9781954119215
128 pages; 45 Photographs
8  x 10 inches
$50 US

Featured in: Huck Magazine, Art Daily, Eye of PhotographyGirlTalk Headquarters, Broad Street Review, and Social Documentary Net.


Hinda Schuman documents life after prison for two women, Linda and Concetta. Done Doing Time illuminates their courage and determination to walk past the dealers, to reunite with family to overcome the obstacles stacked against them. As Concetta and Linda work towards their individual goals, they have welcomed Schuman into their homes, shared their lives and their extended families. Both women have faced real tragedy and upheaval, but remain true to their own hearts.


Hinda Schuman is an award-winning documentary photographer, photojournalist, and educator. 

Magdelena Solé is an award-winning social documentary photographer, and teaches photo workshops and lectures internationally.