DIRTY BIRDY BIBLE: Notes From the Road

Hiro Tanaka

Book Details
Trade Paper
ISBN-13: 978-1942084617
200 pages; Black and White Drawings throughout 
4 x 6 inches
$11.95 US; $17.50CAN 

“Hiro’s notebook quickly became a series of notebooks, and Hiro studied their contents tirelessly until his command of American slang was beyond that of anyone else I knew. His conversational English was still limited, but as a slang speaker, he had no equal.",
- Brendan Kelly, vocalist of The Lawrence Arms

"This collection of curiosities and depravity is like an updated 'Decline of Western Civilization'. Enjoy/cringe at your own risk!"
- Tim Kasher, vocalist of Cursive 


While on tour as a photographer for numerous punk, hardcore, and indie bands (including Jeff Rosenstock, Minus the Bear, Cursive, Alkaline Trio, Har Mar Superstar, Lawrence Arms, Selby Tigers, Mike Park, and more), Japanese photographer Hiro Tanaka spent ten years compiling a naughty notebook filled with NSFW slang words and crude drawings. Tanaka was known to have a pen and notebook with him at all times that he filled from cover to cover with English colloquialisms, dirty phrases, slang, jokes, and drawings that he would learn from the bands, fans and other people he met traveling.

Hiro Tanaka is a Japanese-born photographer who captures ironic and humorous commentaries on various aspects of the American lifestyle.

Jeff Rosenstock is an American musician and songwriter from Long Island, United States. He was the lead singer of the ska punk band The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, the musical collective Bomb the Music Industry! and the indie rock band Kudrow. After the breakup of Bomb the Music Industry!, he began a solo career.