ARAMCO: Above the Oil Fields

Ayesha Malik

Paper over Board, 13 X 11 In. / 152 Pages / 70 Color Photographs
ISBN 9781942084365
List Price: $50.00


ARAMCO, documents life inside Dhahran, a compound originally built for the American workers of the wealthy Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

Ayesha Malik delivers a personalized account of life within Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, a gated community originally created as a home for American employees of the Arabian American Oil Company, now known as Saudi Aramco. Almost everyone is connected to this small town which houses the world's wealthiest company with the world's largest energy reserves. Malik's photographs raise conversations about perception and preconceived ideas regarding a home that is neither fully Saudi nor fully American. Malik shares the surprising warmth, familiarity, and timelessness of this twenty-two and a half square mile place that so many Aramcons call home.

Ayesha Malik divides her time between New York City and Saudi Arabia working on self-directed photo projects. Her work has been featured in Time Lightbox, VICE Magazine, Le Monde's M Magazine, and Offset, amongst others.