Anonymous Women

Patty Carroll

Paper over Board, 10 X 10 In. / 112 Pages / 50 Color
ISBN 9781942084198
List Price: $45.00

"Carroll’s elaborate mise-en-scènes explore the mysteries and complexities of femininity and domestic life.",
- American Photo Magazine, February 10, 2017

"Despite the seriousness of the subject, the photos are attractive and whimsical, and take a lighthearted approach to the macabre.",
- The New York Times Lens Blog, March 30, 2017

"...startling images in which a woman is replaced by the material world...",
- Photo District News, January 18, 2017

Photographs by Patty Carroll

Anonymous Women is a series of photographs with models using household objects and drapery to comment on women and domesticity.

 For over twenty years, Patty Carroll has staged photographs using models, drapery, and household objects to add to the dialogue surrounding femininity and the domestic sphere. Anonymous Women presents images that symbolize the psychological states of women around the world by showing them hidden behind, and intertwined with, visually stunning domestic scenes. These not-so-still-lives are colorful, beautiful, mysterious, and humorous, articulating the many complex relationships—both personal and cultural—that exist between women and the home.

Patty Carroll is a photographer and educator who has previously published four books. This body of work has been featured in over thirty online blogs, magazines, and news sources. Carroll was a Photolucida Top 50 in 2014, and has received numerous awards for this project