The Return

Adrain Chesser

Hardcover, 9 X 10.75 In. / 144 Pages / 72 Color 
ISBN 9780988983199 
List Price: $49.95 

“... a collection of quiet, beautiful photographs...",
- Photo District News, Notable Photo Books, December 2014

“Chesser’s photographs show in almost every frame — with the mass-produced clothes and glimpses of concrete roads that stretch even into the most remote of places — modernity clings to you like a burr.”,
- Hyperallergic, July 24, 2014

The Return is a great addition to any book collectors collection and perhaps even more appropriate for someone yearning for a simpler life...",
- Juxtapoz, July 2, 2014

Photographs by Adrain Chesser
Text by Timothy White Eagle 

From 2006 to 2012, Seattle-based photographer Adrain Chesser (born 1965) and Native American Ritualist Timothy White Eagle traveled throughout the western states of Nevada, Idaho, California and Oregon with a loose band of comrades, practicing a hunter-gatherer way of life. This bold adventure necessitated the collective rearing, killing and cooking of animals, foraging for berries, sleeping outdoors or creating shelter, and surviving harsh terrain. Chesser and White Eagle's experiment produced The Return, a lyrical portrait of a contemporary nomadic existence. "Give back more than you take" is a well-known tenet of early hunter-gather societies, and The Return is a complex exploration of the attempt to implement this mythic ideal as it intersects with the reality of modern life.

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