Los Restos de la Revolucion

Kevin Kunishi

Hardcover, 7.5 X 10 In. / 80 Pages / 40 Color 
ISBN 9780983231622 
List Price: $34.95 

From 2009 through 2010, twenty years after the Nicaraguan Revolution and its civil war ended, photographer Kevin Kunishi traveled throughout the highlands of northern Nicaragua, where the most intense fighting took place, in an attempt to discover and document the legacy this protracted and controversial war. A selection of the resulting photographs, moving portraits of survivors -- both Sandinistas and Contras -- as well as exquisite landscapes and still lifes significant to the war, are gathered together here in Kunishi's first monograph.

The photographs within Los Restos are notational records of the collective memory of those involved. Although at one time sharply divided by two polarized political philosophies, the survivors are now bound by a landscape filled with physical and psychological scars. The markers of affiliation are slowly fading, but the horrors of war remain.

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