For You! Modern Day Love Letters

John Arsenault

Paper over board, 10 X 10 In. / 104 Pages / 50 Color Photographs
ISBN 9781942084440
List Price: $45.00

John Arsenault's flowery photographs in For You! do not highlight perfection but, rather, show the continual wrestling act between beauty and decay. The result of a long-term exploration on the seductive beauty of the rose, these intimate and varied images stand as a symbol of the artist's budding ardor for his lover, now husband. Historically, roses have been used to symbolize desire, sexuality, seductiveness, and secrecy; this in-depth study is testament to the continued potency of the time-honored symbol of love.

John Arsenault is internationally exhibited and has worked with clients ranging from The New Yorker and Volkswagen to Goldman Sachs and Out Magazine.