Dylan Garcia: Hope / On Landscape

Published on 04/01/ 2024

Made in collaboration with Format Festival

Dylan Garcia grew up on the Isle of Wight, which gave him an intimate perspective on the landscape. Through this unique lens, Garcia began exploring not only the landscape, but the rich histories within it.

Hope: In the Face of Climate Change deals with the landscape and the human-nature relationship. There are legends of sunken lands that due to human action, are now lost below the waves. These are Lyonnesse (Cornwall), The Lowland Hundred (Wales), YS (Brittany). We are again in the times of rising sea levels due to climate change, but this is not the first time. There is a message of hope in Garcia's project, we have survived changing sea levels in the past, and must do so again now.

There are many different ways of viewing the landscape. Dylan's photographs deal with the conceptual as well as the physical. One approach that Garia is interested in is Geo-Mythology. Geo-Mythology is the idea that historic climatic and geological events eventually become Myths. Garcia's Project also examines the idea that the UK will become more tropical, as climate change progresses at its alarming rate. 

The questions arises, how to document the affects on the landscape due to climate change now and in the future? Garcia looks at the past as a guide to the future. Photographing tropical plants, British foliage, areas affected by flooding, and stone ruins, Garcia paints a picture of civilizations that have been lost to the sands of time. "The message is that we are still here." Garcia notes, "This means that we have survived climate change in the past and will survive it in the future".

Dylan Garcia

Dylan Garcia is a lens based artist living in southern England. He is a member of OVADA Oxford. He has exhibited at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight (UK), The Grange Rottingdean in Brighton (UK), The Institute of Photography in Falmouth (UK) Hollybrook Gallery and The Reading Biscuit Factory Cultural Hub,  Reading (UK).  He has work in the To The Sea, Exhibit in St Gilles Croix de Vie (France). He also has work in the Mythology Exhibit in Rome (Italy).