DPA Winner Highlights

Published on 01/04/2020


2019 DPA Winner

Bryan Thomas

Sunrise / Sunset

Sunrise / Sunset captures the style phenomenon of “Rest in Peace” t-shirts through the documentation of the t-shirt shops that produce them, the portraits of loved ones who’ve purchased them, and still lives of the t-shirts themselves; all working in tandem to visualize the way in which a community unduly effected by gun violence processes grief and participates in protest.


2018 DPA Winner

Matthew Genitempo


Inspired by the life and work of the poet and land surveyor, Frank Stanford, these photographs of hermetic homes and men living in solitude were taken in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri.


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2016 DPA Winner

Marta Zgierska


2014 DPA Winner

Zhang Kechun

The Yellow River

"I was inspired to carry out this project after reading the novel Rivers of the North by Zhang Chengzhi. The book is written in a stream-of-consciousness style and its story follows the paths of many rivers across China. Attracted by the powerful words of the novel, I decided to take a walk along the Yellow River in order to find the root of my soul. Along the way, the calm flow of my mind became flooded with the hectic thoughts and ceaseless stream of reality. I felt a profound pessimism."  -Zhang Kechun


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2017 DPA Winner

Zora J Murff


Collocating his education in human services and art, Zora’s photography focuses on the experiences of youth in the juvenile justice system and the role of images in the correctional system; specifically how images are used to define individuals who are deemed criminals, and what happens when these definitions are abandoned or skewed.


By attempting to embody her trauma through photography, Marta Zgierska uses an autobiographical approach. She distances herself symbolically from her fears and anxieties and fixes them in a pure form, producing fragile pictures that hang on by a thread... Glacial, almost silent images, that form the conundrum of a conversation reduced to the bare essentials, the visual articulation of the minimal language of survival.


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2015 DPA Winner

Katrin Koenning


Indefinitely is a long-term work about love and an attempt at undoing distance. The work is about space created by my family's migration, and the notion that this space is not a vacuum or a void, but rather the creator of new narratives: a space of the imaginary.


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2020 Jury:

Andrew Hinderaker 

(New York Times)

Andrew Hinderaker 

(New York Times)

Eve Schillo (LACMA)
Erik Vroons (GUP)

Jane Yeomans

(Bloomberg Businessweek)