Daylight Photo Awards 2022

2022 Daylight Photo Awards Jury Highlights

Published on 07/25/ 2022

Congratulations to the following special selections chosen by our wonderful jury. 

2022 Daylight Photo Award Jury Highlights:
Marvin Orellana (Apple) Zhidong Zhang
Irina Chymreva (PhotoVisa) Allison Plass
David Oresick (Silver Eye Center for Photography) Shawn Bush
Barbara Tannenbaum (Cleveland Museum of Art) Federico Estol
Whitney Matewe (TIME) Anna Sellen


Zhidong Zhang


"I think there is a true sense of exploration and art that come through visibly via his own queerness, identity and culture that I thoroughly enjoy. I love how he plays with simple props to create unique portraits that feel bold and inventive but all together create a state of being that feel defining."

Juror: Marvin Orellana 



Allison Plass


"The timeless emerges through the materiality of modernity, our desire to embrace warm and living loved ones is lost in sculptural plasticity, cast in light, so that the mythological becomes real, and the names of loved men remain the lot of our personal memory. When I look at the work of Allison Plass, they remind me of the paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi, whose vitality and eroticism would be accepted by her contemporary society if they were masculine, but only a woman is capable of such a look, equal to a tactile touch imbued with solar currents."

Juror: Irina Chymreva 



Shawn Bush


"Shawn’s elegant and precise pictures are loaded with inscrutable suggestions and symbols. They evoke ideas about authority, history, bureaucracy and beauty, but they ask many more questions than they provide answers. Living in the uncertainty is the pleasure of this work."

Juror: David Oresick 

(Silver Eye Center for Photography)


Federico Estol


"I was entertained, astonished, and deeply moved by Federico Estol's collaborative project with 60 street children and youth who work as shoe shiners on the streets in the capital of Bolivia.  This occupation, part of the informal economy, offers no protections for these street children and youth, most of whom live in poverty and many of whom are homeless. Trying to earn money to survive, they are nonetheless looked down upon in school and by society. Estol spent three years working with these youths through the NGO "Hormigón Armado" (Reinforced Concrete) to create a collaborative body of work that would help counteract the negative image of their profession. The resulting cohesive yet poetic narrative is part social documentary photo-essay and part graphic novel.  It is visually powerful, formally inventive, and makes its point brilliantly. Published as a newspaper, in just three months it sold 6,000 copies, with the income shared among all the participants."

Juror: Barbara Tannenbaum 

(Cleveland Museum of Art)


Anna Sellen


"Drip by drip, we are fed with concrete." Sellen's work is striking and immersive — featuring the physical bunker as a prominent presence alongside vernacular family archives makes for an unforgettable pairing. I found myself thinking about the images long after viewing the project. And her brilliant use of texture and lighting makes for such a creative essay where each image is so uniquely its own visual experience; layered rich and complex, and yet the body of work all feels cohesive!"

Juror: Whitney Matewe 


Our 2022 Daylight Photo Award Jury

Barbara Tannenbaum, Cleveland Museum of Art

Barbara Tannenbaum is Chair, Department of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs and Curator of Photography at the Cleveland Museum of Art, has organized over 125 exhibitions during her three-decade career as a curator and academic.

David Oresick, Silver Eye Center for Photography

David Oresick is Executive Director and Chief Curator of Silver Eye Center for Photography, in Pittsburgh, PA. Silver Eye promotes the power of contemporary photography as a fine art medium by creating original exhibitions, unique educational programing, and a space for artists to learn, create, and connect.

Marvin Orellana, Apple

Marvin Orellana is a photo researcher at Apple, Inc. Previously, he worked in the photo departments of The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and The New York Times Magazine.

Irina Chmyreva, PhotoVisa  

Irina Chmyreva, PhD. Historian of photography; is a leading researcher at the Institute ofTheory and History of Fine Arts, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow and Art-director ofInternational Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Russia.

Whitney Matewe, TIME

Whitney Matewe is photo editor at TIME Magazine and was previously a photo editor at National Geographic, The New Yorker, The Intercept and Condé Nast brands like Teen Vogue and GQ. While she’s based in New York, she collaborates with photographers around the globe and strives to amplify the stories and perspectives of underrepresented voices.