Festival Dates: September 20 - November 05

At this admirably thought-provoking moment for the human existence, populated by a turmoil of images and where the feeling for constant change and transformation proliferates, the International Photography Festival ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM returns to its city for the 26th Edition, celebrating the sentimental side of this edition’s theme: the Search for Happiness. After its effervescent 2015 Edition, ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM returns with an intense and kaleidoscopic programme, proposing a reflection over Happiness, in nowadays societies. Memory, Changing and Revelations are among the themes for this year's edition, which allow us to understand the several paths towards Happiness.

Furthermore, during Opening Solar Week, September 20-25, there will be portfolio readings from the INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD EMERGENTES dst and the INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD EMERGENTES dst GALA winners and finalists will be announced. There will also be an impromptu concert by Ermo and a musical performance by The Irrepressibles.