TO ATTEND: Daylight Photo-Book Publishing Workshop @ Palm Springs Photo Festival 2015

This workshop is aimed to educate photographers about the possibility of disseminating and exhibiting their work through the physical medium of photo books. Students are asked to bring their projects and the project elements to the class where the Daylight team and members of the class will assist in editing, sequencing and preparing the project for presentation to publishers and / or for self-publishing. Designed for both students and professionals keen to make their project into a photography book, projects can be of any nature, personal, thematic, documentary etc. While the key takeaway from this workshop will be an edited and sequenced portfolio of images, photographers will gain great, general insight into the world of photography book publishing.

Ultimately, the workshop is aimed at refining participating photographers’ portfolios into book-ready propositions and offering direct access to Daylight’s publishers for dialogue supporting demystification of the publishing and book-making processes. For more information, and to register, visit the Festival's website here.

DATE: April 29, 9am-4pm