TO ATTEND: Harvey Wang's 'From Darkroom to Daylight' screenings

The documentary film 'From Darkroom to Daylight' features Harvey Wang's interviews with more than 20 important figures in the field of photography. Each shares their personal perspective on this monumental shift in the practice of photography, and how it has impacted their work. The stories are told through studio visits, artists' work, and archival imagery. The film is screening at museums, film and photography festivals, and educational institutions.

Screening schedule:

4/18: 2 screenings at AIPAD, NYC
4/18: Fine Art Film Festival, LA
4/19: Capture Photography Festival (Vancouver, Canada)
4/25: Portland at Photolucida
4/29: Venice, CA as part of Month of Photography Los Angeles
6/13: Danish Film Institute as part of Copenhagen Photo Festival

For the latest details on screenings, visit Wang's website