Zofia Rydet's 'Sociological Record'

Photographer Zofia Rydet’s Sociological Record, realized between 1978–1997, represents one of the most important achievements in 20th-century Polish photography. Rydet (1911–1997) assembled her photographic “Record” by systematically and methodically documenting the lives of individuals depicted primarily within the literal frame and context of their homes: village huts in the countryside or else apartments suspended amidst blocks of city flats.

Of canonical significance, the “Record” has nevertheless remained a challenge for scholars and art critics alike, owing to the sheer breadth of the project’s scope and Rydet’s prolific industriousness. In efforts to preserve and spread knowledge of Rydet's work, several institutions have collaborated to create an archive of the artist's work viewable online.

View the Zofia Rydet archive and learn more here.