Introducing the ICON LED flashlight

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Whether you’re light painting in the dark or shooting at night, light pollution can make or break the shot. Instead of risking it, rely on your flashlight to shed the perfect amount of light— Introducing ICON, a line of  sleek, long-lasting LED flashlights with two lumen settings, bright enough to paint and low enough to search your bag without ruining the frame.

Rogue ( has two separate compact models made perfect for photography. The state-of-the-art LED light guarantees long lasting light, and the two-stage output allows you to control the brightness of the beam. Ergonomically designed, ICON has an open-architecture structure, never before seen in the consumer flashlight market. This design provides a solid grip, leaving hands cool and dry. The aerospace -aluminum body means it can be dropped, thrown and rattled around without any damage. Drop it in water and the waterproof O-ring seals keep it working. The Rogue 1 design is smaller (4.5 inches), requiring only one AA battery, while Rogue 2 is longer (6.5 inches), and requires two AA batteries.  Both come in three stylish colors-silver, green and black.

The ICON line can be purchased at Fry's Electronics, Radio Shack corporate
retailers and online at