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 The LensPen ($15) is an essential tool for keeping all kinds of optics ready for maximum performance. Small enough that you can clip it in your pocket or toss it in your bag, LensPen has two easily accessible working ends. Slide out the brush end first and use it to effectively remove all loose dust and dirt from the lens or eyepiece. The retractable brush, made natural goat hair, is so gentle it can do no damage to the optics, yet it’s so hardworking the dust vanishes.

      That still leaves those pesky fingerprints or other grease blemishes on the glass. No problem for LensPen. Just take the cap off the other end and the flexible chamois tip, which matches surface shapes and countors, is ready to work.

      That chamois tip, embedded with a carbon compound, is ready to tackle the toughest prints. It’s essentially the same principle that makes the use of newspapers still a popular home remedy for cleaning windows – the same carbon compound is used in printer’s ink. And the cap has a pad of carbon compound to constantly refresh the chamois.

      There’s never anything to spray on, nothing to dry out or wear out, nothing to replace, so there’s no “expiration date” to a LensPen. And you can use it with confidence – whether you are in extreme desert heat or arctic cold – knowing that it can do no damage of any kind to your gear or the environment.