Tóxico Cultura

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Tóxico is an independent cultural project based in Mexico City that organizes workshops, lectures, film screenings, exhibitions and collective art projects, many focused on photography. They have worked with many world-renowned artists, filmmakers, photographers, designers, writers and organizations at the fore-front of contemporary culture. Through different projects and across diverse disciplines, it has earned various international awards and grants, including a TED Fellowship in 2009 and a TED Senior Fellowship for 2010-2013. Recent projects include a workshop for emerging photographers led by Juliana Beasley and Tema Stauffer; the inauguration of Tóxico: Lab, a series of dialogue platforms especially geared towards (and given by) talented emerging artists (inaugurated by Laurel Ptak of iheartphotograph.com); and an upcoming mentorship and research program for talented students and young professionals of various disciplines. More at http://toxicocultura.com/