David Hurn: "Passing Time"

Renowned photographer David Hurn has worked on almost every area of the profession. As a photojournalist he documented the Soviet invasion of Hungary, as an advertising photographer he worked on the photoshoots for films like James Bond and Barbarella, and he has forever portrayed Wales and its people in his series of books. Now, as a pensioner, he keeps himself as busy as always. Passing Time has been born from Hurn's will to prove that he is not dead as some may assume, but is instead observing and photographing every day. However, following a career of 55 years in one single exhibition is not an easy task, so David has conceived an artificial ploy to bring the passage of time to life: matching pairs of his early and late images. Daylight Multimedia caught up with David ahead of the second opening of 'Passing Time' curated by the online public. In this fabulous multimedia piece we find out how the exhibition came about.