Work Will Set You Free

Ted Lau

Paper over Board, 11 x 11 in / 96 pages / 35 Color
ISBN 9781942084952
List Price: $45.00

*Books will ship in May*

Hong Kong based artist Ted Lau was always curious about North Korea having grown up seeing constant headlines about missile tests and nuclear weapons. It was after seeing Andreas Gursky’s work in North Korea that he decided one day he had to visit the country. In 2019, an opportunity arose and he embarked on an exploratory journey to see what life was really like in this mysterious place. The results of his travels are captured in a new book peering behind the veil of the secretive country of North Korea.

Ted Lau, born 1989 is an award-winning fine art photographer based in Hong Kong.

Yu-Ting Cheng is a fine artist based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Zahra Amiruddin is an internationally recognized freelance writer, photographer, and educator.