Real Pictures: Tales of a Badass Grandma

Peggy Nolan

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130 pages 
10 x 8 inches
$45 US; $58.99 CAN  

Real Pictures is the result of many decades of photographs recording the day- to- day workings of a large family. As Chris Wiley of the New Yorker says “there is a tenderness and a sensitivity in these pictures of family that cannot be faked. Nolan is not embedded with her subjects, she is entwined. As such, the pictures not only show that she has an eye, but also a heart.”


Peggy Nolan got married, raised seven kids, stayed home, started photographing, shoplifted film, went back to college, studied hard, got divorced, got pierced up, worked harder, graduated from college, stole more lm, made more pictures, went back to college, graduated from graduate school, kids grew, calmed down, stopped stealing lm, started thinking more, shot beer pictures, still thinking, still making pictures.

Bonnie Clearwater is an American writer and art historian. She is the director and chief curator of the NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.

Suzanne Opton is an artist and recipient of the 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship.