Daylight Multimedia

Elin Hoyland: The Brothers

In her portrait series The Brothers, Elin Hoyland captures intimate moments shared by Harald and Mathias who have lived together on a small farm in Norway throughout their entire lives. At once a moving testament to familial togetherness and a documentation of a fading way of life, Elin's photographs evidence an incredible sense of belonging and routine the brothers savored.


With a rich history stretching back over a millennium, Cairo has become one of the densest urban centers in the world and the largest metropolitan area in Africa. In this podcast, photographer Jason Larkin highlights new construction in Cairo's desert outskirts. These satellite cities and private gated communities aim to provide exclusive isolation for the city's elite while over 40% of Egyptians live on less than two dollars per day.


In his series "Rooftop", Brad Temkin documents the growing trend of green roofs and rooftop gardens all over the world. These large-format elevated landscapes serve as important markers of the cultural shift towards sustainable design. In addition to commentary by the artist, this podcast features an interview with Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art, and musical accompaniment by the Grateful Dead.


In offSET Lacey Terrell turns her camera away from the action on the film sets she is documenting towards the spaces where "the artifice of movie making and the ‘real’ intermingle." Lacey explores the subliminal spaces between and behind the scenes to find her own "mysterious slivers of narrative that highlight the overlooked, the unexpected, and the poetic." Music by Thievery Corporation.

Jon Edwards: A Life

Jon Edwards photographs the simplicity and beauty of those living in agrarian life by focusing on the places they inhabit and the relationships they build within their communities. Daylight is proud to present photographs from Edwards' project 'A Life' of John Ryan whose quiet labor has afforded him an admirable, elegant and at times, trying co-existance with his surroundings and place in time.

Alejandro Cartagena: Suburbia Mexicana teaser
Featuring narration by Alejandro Cartagena along with a selection of work from the just-released monograph Suburbia Mexicana.

108 pages
36 color photographs
Introduction by Karen Irvine
Essay by Gerardo Montiel Klint
Interview by Lisa Uddin
Bruce Haley - Sunder

Featuring commentary by Andrei Codrescu and Bruce Haley, this multimedia teaser provides a sampling of work from the just-released monograph Sunder.

Milton Rogovin: 1909-2011

In collaboration with Obit Magazine and the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona Libraries, Daylight presents this remembrance and celebration of photographer Milton Rogovin.

Original text and narration by Jeff Weinstein.

Tim Freccia: Mogadishu: City Under Siege

Since 2009, photojournalist Tim Freccia has made a number of trips to Mogadishu, a city with a reputation as one of the most dangerous places on earth. In his photographs of Somalia's capital city, Freccia notes "men in kikoys stepping daintily through the street, shouldering RPGs and machine guns. Women glance furtively from the shadows, and smile flirtatiously. The citizens of Mogadishu sweep up after the fighting, glancing at me as I drive by, waiting for the war to end and the beach-side cafes to open again."

Daylight Magazine - David Hurn: Passing Time

Renowned photographer David Hurn has worked on almost every area of the profession. As a photojournalist he documented the Soviet invasion of Hungary, as an advertising photographer he worked on the photoshoots for films like James Bond and Barbarella, and he has forever portrayed Wales and its people in his series of books. Now, as a pensioner, he keeps himself as busy as always.

Daylight Multimedia Podcast - Joel Sternfeld: iDubai

We are proud to feature a portfolio of images from Joel Sternfeld's recent book iDubai. In iDubai, Sternfeld captured photographs of Dubai's lavish shopping malls with his iPhone camera. Featuring commentary by Chris Wiley, iDubai marries form and content in its incisive critique on conspicuous consumption.

Daylight Multimedia Podcast - Erika Larsen: Sámi

The Sámi, which translates to ‘The People’ are an indigenous group living in the Arctic Circle region of northern Scandinavia. It is the largest area in the world with an ancestral way of life based on the seasonal migrations of the animals. The Sámi are by tradition reindeer herders and live a nomadic lifestyle based on the reindeer migration.  By possessing a livelihood that is dependent on their surroundings, the Sami are acutely aware of the changes in nature.  Erika Larsen has spent over three years documenting their symbiotic relationship with the environment.