March 1, 2012

Photo books are a great way to tell your story. But as many of us know, it is a long and difficult task to get them published and into the book stands. Submit your unpublished book to the 2012 Dummy Awards for a chance to have your book included in the chosen fifty to be exhibited in Paris. One book will be selected for publication by Seltmann and Soehne. Entries close on March 31. 

The 50 exhibited books will be selected by a pre-jury. The pre-jury comprises Markus Schaden (Bookseller, Publisher, Cologne), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Inga Schneider (International Photobook Festival, Cologne), Laurence Vecten (Lozen Up, Paris), Dieter Neubert (International Photobook Festival, Kassel).

The main jury comprises Gerry Badger (Critic, Photographer, London), Todd Hido (Photographer, USA), Markus Schaden (Bookseller, Publisher, COlogne). Dieter Neubert (International Photobook Festival, Kassel), Oliver Seltmann (Publisher, Berlin), Diane Dufour (director Le Bal, Paris), Andreas Muller-Pohle (European Photography, Berlin), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris, Laurence Vecten (Lozen Up, Paris).