CONNECTIONS was conceived by Le Book, the acclaimed international reference for creative professionals within the fashion, photography and advertising world, as a forum for artists to showcase their work to those who can assist in furthering a career. Artists and agencies alike have the opportunity to view portfolios, gain inspiration as well as creative peers during this unique two-day experience. 

When: Wednesday, June 8 and Thursday, June 9

Where: 82 Mercer St. (between Spring and Broom St.)

This event is by invitation only. Register your presence at CONNECTIONS:


Exhibitors include:



Now in its fourth year, the international Photography Book Now juried competition is an opportunity for photographers to showcase their work to a world-renowned panel of judges. Entrants compete for a $25,000 grand prize and the opportunity to have their books housed in permanent collections at the International Center of Photography, the Annenberg Space for Photography, and the George Eastman House.

Deadline for submissions: July 14, 2011, 3:00 p.m. PDT

For more information about the judges, rules, FAQs, and prizes, visit


Iconic photographer and recipitent of this year's ICP Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement, Elliott Erwitt's major retrospective is currently up at the ICP and receiving rave reviews. But who would have thought otherwise? Erwitt's commercial and documentary successes come together at the ICP in this collection of over 100 of the photographer's personal favorite images. On May 10th, Erwitt will be honored for the aforementioned ICP Inifinity Award for Lifetime Achievement. The exhibition will be on view through August 28, 2011. Visit for more information.

Here is a video of Erwitt's work and some thoughts on his "personal best" from 2009.

Marcus Hook, PA by Justin Maxon

Having been born in Chester, Pa., a long-blighted, depressed and poverty-stricken small city once booming with department stores and fancy restaurants (according to my grandmother), I was moved when I came across Justin Maxon's work online. Last Fall, the NY Times Lens blog featured the photojournalist's project about this place, "When the Spirit Moves." The black-and-white photographs often are comprised of multiple exposures, a process which the photographer says "speaks to the complexities that are heavy on the lives of people in this community." Still having family in the immediate area, I know this to be true, and was happy that a photographer born on the other side of the country had the interest and willingness to embark on this project in an area that needs attention. More attention than merely plunking down a Harrah's Casino as forward-thinking development, as was done in 2006.


Rhubarb-Rhubarb is an internationally recognized development agency offering its knowledge and assistance to photographers of all ages and levels of profession. On May 31st, Rhubarb-Rhubarb will be hosting an event entiteld: "The Crossing: WM2 & WM3"  - a day dedicated to current professionals and their careers at this juncture in their life. Confirmed speakers to come include: Laura Noble, Hildegarde Darby, Zed Nelson, Harry Hardie, David Birkett, Matthew Taylor and Peter Dench. 

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Day One: Thursday, June 2, 2011



Lori Waselchuk's Grace Before Dying project focuses on people facing the end of their lives at Angola, Louisiana's state penitentiary. In documenting the prison's hospice program, which is run by incarcerated volunteers, Waselchuk not only shows a culture of caring and compassion that challenges stereotypes of incarcerated people, but also provides an intimate and personal perspective on what long-term and life sentences signify for those inside. An exhibition of her work, which is also being published by Umbrage Editions in June 2011, will be on exhibit at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, May 17–July 10, 2011.


The Whitney Museum of American Art will be exhibiting the diverse work of artist Cory Arcangel, the youngest artist to ever receive a full floor exhibition. Arcangel synthesizes both rudimentary and advanced forms of technology with his own creativity, producing work that reflects and questions current cultural frameworks. The exhibition's centerpiece consists of, for example, projections of bowling alley video games; each hacked (or condemned rather) to only pitch gutter-balls. 

"Pro Tools" will premiere on May 26th and run until September 11th.

For more information on Arcangel and his work, visit:


The NYC FotoWorks Portfolio Review for photographers and illustrators will take place June 13–17, at Canoe Studios in Manhattan. Artists must apply and be accepted to join the event. Daylight Editor Michael Itkoff will be on site reviewing portfolios.

See a complete list of reviewers and apply to attend the review here.

From The Louvre and its Visitors, Alécio de Andrade


PhotoEspana is fast approaching and if you are planning to attend this year, I have a list of must-sees. The english version of the official website is pretty useless in terms of finding out information about the exhibits, so I hope this guide helps. Here is a run-down of my picks for this year: