Writers, the BREESE LITTLE Prize for Art Criticism deadline has been extended for the most recent Volume (VIII) to Friday 20th September.

Award: £600
Guidelines: http://www.breeselittle.com/#/prize-for-art-criticism/4543108486


Calling all Photojournalists!

The 2013 Ian Parry Scholarship deadline is August 1st 2013. They will be exhibiting the winner’s work at MOTHER, London for two weeks during September.

More Info: http://www.ianparry.org/

Photo by Marcelo Perez del Carpio


For a small fee of $10 you can submit a photo to LightBox's upcoming show Mobile Magic. Every submission will be printed and delivered to their artist (even if their photo doesn't make it to the jurors Top 25)! 25 images will be picked each month to be on display.

Deadline: July 31
More Info: http://lightbox-photographic.com/call-for-entries/mobilemagic


This is a chance for four amazing photographers to exhibit at the Paris Photo exhibition, be reviewed by several experts, and to sell their work! 

Deadline: Sept 19 2013
Read rules & regulations before entering:http://www.sfrjeunestalents.fr/photo/concours/paris-photo-2013#presentation


Hans Gindlesberger's series Partial Architectures is an interesting story of family, generational memory, and the German impulse to remember its national history and trauma.

Find it Here: http://www.gindlesberger.com/?page_id=1130


Sam Comen has won the 2nd quarter of the JGS 2013 Photography Contest. There is still time to participate in this ongoing contest! The prizes are HUGE, what are you waiting for?

Deadline: September 30
More Info:http://forwardthinkingmuseum.com/contest/photography.php
Comens Workhttp://forwardthinkingmuseum.com/exhibitions/solo_comen_01.php

Image by Sam Comen


he selected projects will be presented in the upcoming Αthens Photo Festival, which will take place in Athens during the months of October and November.

Submission deadline: 31 July 2013
Theme: Fluid Identities
Categories: Photography & Multimedia
More Info: http://en.photofestival.gr/calls-2013/


Cameron Crawford,Allie Pisarro-Grant, and Marian Tubbs present their exhibition Where It Looks Like Itself. Each artist creates instillation work that engages on a conceptual level with materiality and media.

When: July 25 - August 11 (7pm)
Where: TEMP Art Space (NYC)
Learn More:https://www.facebook.com/events/478861728871625/


Querner's project Kosovo particularly caught our eye. Here is the introduction to get a little taste of what to expect.

"In June 2010 I traveled to Kosovo for a story that was not to be. Relieved of subject and itinerary, I used my remaining time to wander and listen to whom ever was willing to speak with me about their day and their hopes for a nation struggling for full sovereignty."

Website: http://www.andrewquerner.com/archive/kosovo/