Lisa Kereszi

No Photos sign at HCB show Copyright Lisa Kereszi

If you have not yet seen the Cartier-Bresson show at Moma, get there before June 28th. I had hoped crowds would thin once the Marina Abramovic show closed, but, alas, I was wrong. It'll be "a zoo," but try to nudge in there to get close to as many of these phenomenal pictures as possible. There are many you have never seen, and may never will get the chance to see again. It is also interesting to get to see how his clients (magazines) cropped and edited and laid out his work while he was out shooting; he often never saw his images until they were already in print, having sent the film back way ahead of him. The giant maps as you walk in attest to his long trips to just about everywhere. The audio guide is even illuminating, with Peter Galassi's calming voice there to make the crowds start to melt away.

John Brown by Augustus Washington

I was recently visiting one of my favorite little, underappreciated museums, the New Haven Historical Society, which has nice displays of Early American furniture, oystering relics like barrels and tools and also a research library containing a the Dana Collection, an invaluable and obsessive scrapbook of New Haven history in pictures. In the little gift shop, alongside deaccessioned old books for sale is an extensive rack of the Connecticut Historical Society’s Bulletins from over the years.

Compass - Copyright Pamela Pecchio

I had the good fortune to go to school with and get to know the lovely Pamela Pecchio, who now teaches photography at the University of Virginia, after a stint at Duke. She has just come out with a new limited edition book, entitled "509." Music industry veteran and publisher, Jefferson Holt of Daniel 13 Press, invited her into the home of his upbringing in Burlington, North Carolina two years after his Father passed away.

Macdowell Tombstone by Lisa Kereszi

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to spend some time at the Macdowell Colony in Southern New Hampshire. The first medium people think of with this particular artist residency is writing, and then people think of music. Visual artists come next, and within that genre, there are the photographers, but only a relatively small number over the years. At residencies I often feel a bit like the odd man out - literally out, as in outside. Since I only use a studio space to print, edit and reflect, I spend most of my time out exploring and shooting - on foot or in a car, sometimes aimlessly, following instinct, or sometimes with at least an end-point in range, like some tourist attraction, taking back roads to get there. I get to know the general local outside world pretty well, but not so much the four walls and beautiful grounds that typically frame an artist's stay at the Colony.

Sequins in the Sand invite with Kitten deVille, image copyright Lisa Kereszi

If you are in Vegas, please join in celebrating the start of Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2010-and a thrilling new chapter in the Hall of Fame's history: the grand opening of the new E. Fremont mini-museum and gift shop. Photographs by yours truly and many others. As part of the Weekend's many exciting festivities and performances, on exhibit will be  "SEQUINS IN THE SAND: Celebrating 20 Years of Miss Exotic World," the inaugural exhibit iof the Burlesque hall of Fame at Emergency Arts, a downtown adaptive re-use of the former Fremont Medical Center. The center has plans to be an artists' collective with with artwork even in old exam rooms. From their facebook page: "The aim is to bring working artists, writers, photographers, clothing designers, musicians, film-makers, artisans, graphic designers, dancers, retailers, actors, and start-up non-profit organizations together to synergize as a creative collective or co-op.

image by Joanna Ebenstein-The Secret Museum

In case you can't make it to Haarlem or Florence or even Philadelphia to see anatomical figures and specimens in "person," take an hour or two to head to Atlantic Avenue this week to view some documentary-style photos in the exhbition, "The Secret Museum," an exhibition exploring the poetics of hidden, untouched and curious collections from around the world in photographs and artifacts, by Joanna Ebenstein, co-founder of Observatory and creator of Morbid Anatomy.

Yale MFA invite 2010

On June 4th 2010, from 6-9pm, Helac & Wirth Art Advisory will be presenting the opening reception for the artwork from the Yale Photography MFA Thesis Show at the artist-run gallery space, 25CPW, located at 25 Central Park West at 62nd St., $5 suggested donation to support the gallery. Exhibit continues from June 2nd through June 14th, open 12-5pm. Rsvp by June 3rd to

The Yale MFA Photography program is directed by Tod Papageorge, and is taught by artists Gregory Crewdson and Richard Benson, along with Phillip Lorca diCorcia and Collier Schorr, and others. This year, the nine students graduating are: David Bush, Lucas Foglia, Kate Greene, Tatiana Grigorenko, Curran Hatleberg, Tiffani Hooper, Rory Mulligan, Hrvoje Slovenc and Monika Sziladi.

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present Photo by Marco Anelli. © 2010

I took my undergraduate photography class recently to see The Artist is Present show at Moma, the work of Marina Abramovic. As a straight photographer, and an artist who was not entirely convinced with most performance art that I had seen, I had some trouble explaining to them just what they were seeing and experiencing. It was more new to them, though, than it was new to me. I think I was a bit better equipped for some of the intensity and spectacle.

Well, it's performance art. Well, it's living sculpture. Well, it's like theatre. A diorama, a spectacular, a tableau, like the living panoramas just before the prior turn of the century. It's also a challenge, a threat. An intervention. It's entertainment?

SF Moma Photography Panelists

Discussion is in the air. Is photography dead? What is the state of photography today? Where have we been and where are we going? I had the opportunity to attend 2 of the 3 fairly recent, behind-closed-doors panel discussions about photography today at the Museum of Modern Art. The topics were the Definitions of Photography in the 21st Century and Influence. The third, which I did not attend, was Globalism. There were high points in the two I attended, but I largely felt like the panels in general seemed a bit choppy, as the participants didn’t seem to be speaking about enmeshed enough topics, or willing enough to open up to differing points-of-view, for a natural flow of discussion to really evolve and stay on point.


photo copyright Curran Hatleberg

This Friday, May 7, from 7-9 p.m. make the 1 3/4-hour trek on the Metro North up to New Haven for the annual MFA Photography Exhibition opening reception. It will feature the work of the 9 members of the class of 2010 in Green Hall, the School of Art, 1156 Chapel Street and 6 Edgewood Avenue

Find more info about the MFA Yale Photography Show (Facebook) and the Current Students who will be featured in the exhibition.