Bill Lowenburg

Night at the Met by Larry Fink book cover


Larry Fink's latest book, Night at the Met, presents Fink's insightful personal photo reportage of a fund-raising gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in November 2007. The event and the book represent several small-but-noteworthy milestones in Fink's illustrious fifty-plus year career. He was recognized as the Met's guest-of-honor and also served as the house photographer for the evening:  invitations to the event stated, That was then. You are now…On this special night photographer Larry Fink will make new work and you will be his subject. Come, be art. Dress: Black Tie and Camera Ready. With the run of the place and over one thousand subjects to explore, Fink spent the evening applying his unique ability to capture and describe microdramas as they unfolded, with no one to please but himself.